Our program emphasizes all areas of a young child’s development, from self-awareness, to relationships, to academics. Focusing on key developmental milestones, we prepare students for success in every aspect of their educational journey.


Our Preschool 2’s program is a new discovery to children just beginning their preschool experience. In our program, we embrace and foster

the early beginnings of their independence. The world is introduced to them through learning, sharing, playing and exploring. ‘



An engaging, play-based curriculum helps children explore the world around them through the integration and celebration of weekly themes. While students feel like they’re just having fun, we know they’re being equipped with solid foundations for their next preschool class, kindergarten and beyond.



8:45 Welcome!
8:45-9:15 Free Play/Table or Art Time
9:15 Potty Time/Diaper Change
9:10-9:25 Outdoor Chapel (Wed. only)
9:30 Circle Time/Movement Activity
9:40 Outdoor Classroom
10:00 Snack/Free Play
10:30 Table Time
10:50 Potty Time/Diaper Change
11:00 Outdoor Exploration
11:30 Indoor Activity 
11:45-12:00 Closing Circle/Dismissal
12:00 Lunch (full day students)


St. Timothy’s School will accept enrollment for children starting at age 2 years old in diapers. Parents will need to provide all supplies including but not limited to diaper, wipes, lotions, powders, and ointments (anything regarded as medicinal will need to have Physician approval per our Medication Policy). Pull-ups will not be accepted except during nap time for children in transition. Children should arrive in a clean diaper and will be changed every two hours or as needed. Following is the rate to be added to monthly tuition for non-toilet trained children:
Half Day
2-3 Days $100 per month
5 Days $130 per month
Full Day
2-3 Days $150 per month
5 Days $200 per month

When the child is ready to be toilet trained, (able to recognize and communicate that they need to go to the bathroom) and the parents have started toilet training at home, St. Timothy’s will assist the toilet training process. Children will be considered toilet trained after they have been in underwear for three consecutive weeks without any accidents (nap time excluded). Each child will be reviewed at the beginning of each month to determine if they have met the criteria for toilet training. Charges will apply at the beginning of any month for any child who has not successfully used the toilet without accidents for the previous three calendar weeks.