FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

How many children will be in my child’s class?

The maximum number of students in a class is 15 with 1 teacher and 1 aide per class. Enrichment Class can have 24 students with 3 teachers.

Can I visit my child’s class? How do I contact my child’s teacher?

Parents are our partners in the education of their children. Parents are always welcome to email their child’s teacher to set up a time to connect. Teachers are available to connect with parents through email, phone, or conferences. Parents with the current immunization are allowed to help inside the classroom.

Do you provide snacks and lunch?

We provide a morning snack for all students. Students who stay all day will need a lunch and afternoon snack provided by the parents. 

Do you have daycare before and/or after school?

Yes, the daycare is open before school at 7:30 am and after school until 6:00 pm. Our daycare is open only on days that the school is in session, and it is only available for St. Timothy’s Christian Preschool students.