Our program emphasizes all areas of a young child’s development, from self-awareness, to relationships, to academics. Focusing on key developmental milestones, we prepare students for success in every aspect of their educational journey


Our Preschool 3s program provides our students with an introduction to school in a loving, supportive classroom environment. For many of our young three year old students, this may be their very first school experience. Some children may enter the classroom eagerly, while others may be hesitant or shy. It is our goal at St. Timothy’s to meet the unique needs of each child, and to gently guide them through their preschool experience. We honor each child’s differences, gifts and abilities.


Our developmentally appropriate program gives our 3s an opportunity to grow, learn and socialize through hands-on art, music, mathematics, phonics, faith and dramatic play. Our Pre 3s participate in structured circle and small group activities, as well as child-directed games, toys and play time. Our three year olds learn to interact well with others, to share with friends, to show kindness and to walk with Jesus. 


8:45 Welcome!
9:00 Circle Time
9:15 Art & Free Play
10:00 Backyard Free Play
10:25 Potty Break
10:35 Prayer & Snacks,
             Books & Puzzles
10:45 One in Christ Story
11:00 Outside Play
11:30 Sharing
11:40 Closing Circle
11:50 Good-Bye!
12:00 Lunch (full day students)