COVID Protocol & Procedures  
Our desire and goal at St. Timothy’s Christian Preschool is to keep our students and staff healthy and safe at all times. We are practicing COVID safety protocols such as frequent hand washing, sanitizing, disinfecting, respectful social distancing and encouraging students to wear a mask. 

We encourage parents to have a conversation with their child on wearing a mask at school. The staff are considered providers so we can not force, make, threaten or physically assist with putting a mask on a child. This would infringe on your child’s rights and personal safety.

*Please refer to the licensing form LIC613A

Our goal is to support and encourage the children to wear a mask properly, to practice proper hygiene and to respect each other’s personal space. We will do our best to continue to reinforce your wishes on wearing their mask and we do have child size masks available in each classroom if a child asks or desires to wear one. 
Below is an outline of how we will handle and notify the families of St. Timothy’s Christian Preschool if there is an exposure or confirmed case of Covid-19 on campus. 
  • Close off the classroom and students that were exposed.
  • Notify the parents of the children that were in direct contact with the exposure.
  • Send home the student/staff that were exposed promptly with an exposure letter from the county.
  • Students and staff that were exposed will be required to quarantine for 10 days from the date of exposure and obtain a COVID test.
  • A school wide notification of a NON-direct contact exposure will be sent out.
  • Classrooms, toys, furniture and school materials will be sanitized and disinfected.
  • The county will be notified if there are 3 or more outbreaks.    


Our goal in relaying this information is to be as transparent and informative as possible and to provide a sense of peace knowing that we are working to keep all staff and children safe. 

We continue to ask for prayers and support as we navigate through these challenging times. Our desire as a staff is to be able to provide a learning environment that allows children to grow and develop in a healthy Christlike manner.