Our program emphasizes all areas of a young child’s development, from self-awareness, to relationships, to academics. Focusing on key developmental milestones, we prepare students for success in every aspect of their educational journey


Our Preschool 4s program is designed to thoughtfully prepare our young students for Kindergarten, all in a loving, Christian classroom environment. Our Pre 4s teachers enhance learning through both large and small group instruction. Small group activities give teachers an opportunity to provide one-on-one instruction, and to carefully assess student progress. Teachers reinforce age-appropriate social and behavioral expectations.Our students are taught to pray thoughtfully, follow Christ’s example, and to think of others.



Children in our Pre 4s classes participate in structured activities in the areas of pre-reading, speaking and writing instruction, small and gross motor development, mathematics, science, faith and music. Circle time may often include a more in-depth discussion about the week’s theme, the Bible lesson presented, alphabet letters or mathematics.  Children are taught to work cooperatively and independently,  follow directions, listen attentively and to interact well with peers and adults.


8:45 Welcome!
8:45-9:30 Morning Tables
9:30-9:40 Bathroom Break
9:40 Circle Time
10:10 Snack Time/Free Choice
10:30 Outdoor Exploration & Play
11:00 Table Time
11:30 Outdoor Classroom
11:45 Closing Circle
12:00 Good-Bye!
12:00 Lunch (full day students)